The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

This is a really sad, sad story. I have read a couple of chapters each day, and get a little depressed. The writing is simple, and the characters feel real. I suppose that is why this book is so popular. It is mostly about three friends with cancer, one in the eye, the other on her lungs and the last in his bones. And also a sweet love story between Hazel and August. And despite their sad fate, they were not pathetic characters.

I liked this book a lot, I liked Hazel and August, and their time together. How much time I spend reading a book is a factor in the rating, and it took me a while because of what I mentioned before: I HAD to read something else at the same time. The end, I guess, it is like the end of the book that influenced Hazel so much, at least, that is what I think, because it ended a little abruptly.


It did not impact me as much as it did to other readers. Hence the 3 stars. Yes, I did like both of the MC, but they are not among my favorite characters.