Kamisama Kiss, Vol. 01 - Julietta Suzuki, Tomo Kimura

I am a sucker for 'I love you/I hate you' relationships in books, especially if there is a good reason and if there is chemistry between the 2 main characters. And that is what I found in 'Kamisama Kiss'. Again there is a master/servant relationship, something I have read a couple of times, but that so far, it is not bothersome.

Nanami, as the new Land God in this Shrine, has Tomoe, a fox yokai, as her servant. Usually I am not a fan of 'ears' (like in "Loveless") but it suits Tomoe. Both of them are amusing together. Both are sarcastic and stubborn. The elements of fantasy are interesting: the other two loyal servants, Onikiri and Kotetsu have funny looks, and the rest of the characters that we meet in this volume, such as The Princess of the Swamp, her servant and the rest who were in the other world.

So far it attracts my attention, so I'll continue reading this manga.