Criadas y Señoras - Kathryn Stockett

I have watched the movie and I loved it. So I had to read the book. And the book did not disappoint at all. It is as good or better than the movie. This is the second book I read about racial injustice, in southern America (the other one was "To Kill a Mockingbird"). In both occasions it amazed me the ignorance in people in that time, but also, I understand it was because of their education and surroundings.

This is an era where slavery was abolished, but the difference between their freedom and slavery is tiny. This story focuses in women's work as housemaids and the injustice they suffered, being denigrate by their white bosses. The main characters, Aibileen and Minny, as the black housemaids, were very easy to read, both very different in personalities but both very determined to change things.

This book has only women as main characters, which I find very, very positive. All men in the story are secondary, merely a background. The women are the heroes, the enemies, the people who tried to change the injustice. The end may be a little weak, but in a whole, the book is enjoyable.