The Corinthian - Georgette Heyer

As always, it is a pleasure to read a book by GH. I like her even more than I like Jane Austen, and that is saying something. This book is very short, I finished it in 24 hours (it is also Thanksgiving Day, so I spent most of the day just reading, enjoying my free time).

The book is similar in some way with "The Talisman Ring" and "Arabella": with the first, because almost all of the adventure happens in an Inn, not in the city. There are no balls nor beautiful dresses; in fact, there is a murder, a theft, accidents, a stolen gem, criminals and Bow Street Runners involved. And also, to my dismay, a great bit of cant language, which is very difficult -and at the same time, instructive- to read. And similar with the last because Sir Richard is a perfect gentleman -a Corinthian- who embarks in the adventure because a) he is bored, and b) he feels attracted to the Girl. And Penelope is a little bit like Arabella: young, impulsive, with a great heart but also very naive.

Usually I am against a big difference in ages in a couple: Penelope is just 17 and Sir Richard is 29... not really a big difference, but when the Girl behaves so youngish, as Penelope does... The romance in this book is not one of my favorites among GH´s books, but the adventure was fun, and the characters, original and with a great sense of humour. As it happened before, I would have loved to read Louisa´s reaction -Sir Richard´s sister- when he announces his marriage, or his brother-in-law´s reaction, or what happened to Piers´ elopement, etc. I guess this is what people would say "it is up to the reader´s imagination".

The only thing that bothers me everytime I finished one of her books is that the list is getting shorter, and I have less GH books in my TBR shelf. Other than that, this author consolidates as one of my favorites.