Mars #1 - Fuyumi Soryo This manga is so dramatic! Why is it that in most shoujos there are girls who bully the main girl just because the main boy likes her? In this case, the 'bad girl' is threatening Kira, the main character with death! First, it was with burning her skin with cigarettes; then, breaking all her fingers, and finally, death! WTH!

The story is nice. Rei is like 'the bad boy', only he is not. But he smokes, rides a Ducati, sleeps with older women, has long hair and so on. Kira, on the other hand, is shy, introvert, likes to draw, and has a immediately connection with Rei. And her life is very melodramatic: her professor harasses her sexually and then, there is this girl who threatens her just because she likes Rei.

I am still not sure if this is a shoujo or a josei, cause the story is in high school and all that, but the issues are very josei-ish in my opinion.

The art-style reminds me of the old anime, like the 90's or so. I like especially the drawings of Rei in his motorcycle.