Cinder - Marissa Meyer This is an interesting retelling of Cinderella because a)the Girl is not someone who should be pitied (she is brave, and she has a couple of allies: the prince, a doctor, an android, one of her step-sisters), b) it is a futuristic story, more or less similar to Star Wars, and c) the characters are Asian.

Lately I have been dying to read a book where the main love interest were Asian. In this case, I could picture this handsome actor as Prince Kai: Haruma Miura


Anyway, first I thought that Cinder was going to be a robot, and I was thinking that it made no sense. How could a robot fall in love, and a PRINCE return her feelings? Thankfully, Cinder is a cyborg, meaning she is a human but with some robotic limbs. This is the first time I read this kind of Sci-Fi book, so it was hard to understand some vocabularies, but at the same time, it was entertaining. The whole idea of the Lunars was creepy and at the same time, it caught my attention.

Then I got to the end. MEH. Obviously there are going to happen some things that are too conveniently as she is the main character, but whatever. I do not think I will read the next one in the series.

The good thing about Cinderella's story is that she was a common, ordinary girl, and that a Prince fall in love with her. In this case, she is not common, she is Special. And the Prince falling for her? More like, having a crush.