Once a Witch - Carolyn MacCullough Tamsin is a young girl whose parents and sister, Rowena, have special gifts, or Talents, as they call it. These Talents can be the ability to read minds, or to travel in time, or to freeze people, or to induce people to do something. The Talents are many (the family is not composed only of Tamsin, her sister and parents, but there are a lot of cousins and aunts and uncles also), and each one has an unique Talent.

How cool is that? More than witchcraft, I think is more about Power. Sure, there is a cat, and there are some enchantments, but that's it. This book is similar to the TV show Heroes actually. And Tamsin, our main heroine, has no Talent, or at least she thinks so, until she becomes a Peter Petrelli (and people who watched Heroes will know that Peter Petrelli had the most amazing gift).

I would have love to read more about the other people's Talents. The more we can read is about Rowena's, as she is a weapon used by the bad guy. And a little about Gabriel's (who can 'find things' and also travel in time). That is the negative aspect of the book. The idea of people with special powers is not very well developed. And the time travel (one of the things I am always looking forward to read) is short, very short.

The same with the characters. I liked Tamsin, and Gabriel (who has dark-shoulder-length hair and a tattoo in his neck, two pluses!) and her best friend Agatha, but there is not enough of them. There is a lot more about the bad guy (who, in my opinion, was stronger than these bunch of Heroes, only because he played well his cards) and Rowena (a total waste of power).

I liked the book, it ended in a way you may think there will be a second one (Just checked, there is 1 more! Added to my TBR shelf). I just wished the author would have more advantage of all the amazing elements there are here (power, mind-reading, time-travel, teleportation, pyromania, etc).

So 3 and a half stars.