Princess in the Spotlight - Meg Cabot It was not as funny and great as the first one. However, it does not mean it was not enjoyable, cuz I had, again, a wonderful time re-reading it.

#2 is more about Mia handling her mother's pregnancy with her Algebra teacher (how awkward could that be!), her lessons as a princess with her Grandmere, and her feelings for Michael.

The 2nd movie was nice, but as with the first book, I think the book is better. There were a few things that kind of bothered me though. For example, when Mia introduces Michael to the reader, she says that she has been in love with him since forever. People who read the first book will instantly know this is not true. She had a crush for Josh, the most popular boy in school. Only AFTERWARDS she found out she had feelings for Michael.

Also, I found Lilly more annoying and bitchy here than in the first book. She is the same, only than in #1 she and Mia had a fight, so it was understandable why she was like that.

And I read in a bunch of reviews that Mia seems spoiled and whinning or something like that. Of course she will whine and complain, as it is her diary right? Who does not write about this kind of stuff in her own diary? That is why I like the book.