Princess in Love - Meg Cabot Mia is still as crazy as she was in Book 1 and 2. This time the whole books goes around her crush on Michael. I have to admit there were times where I wanted to punch her; specifically, her whole relationship with Kenny. She started to date him because 'he was nice'. Then, she could not bare to be his girlfriend anymore, but she could not hurt him, AND he was her Bio partner, so breakup = fail.

At least she shows more character in the book, like when she pulled the fake alarm or when she smashed Lana's cellphone. Why does it seem that this Justin guy is going to have more importance in the following books? Hopefully he will not be a third in the wheel, especially now that Mia and Michael are FINALLY going out together - it took the entire book to get to this-.

What I like about Mia is that she is a vegetarian and an animal-right activist. I guess because it makes her crazier and more original than other girls in most chick lits, and that it gives her personality.

Nr. 3 was not as great as Nr. 1 (just like Nr. 2), but it was worth reading it. It still bothers me to read that she has been in love with Michael her whole life. Cuz it is not true. But anyway, I like Meg Cabot a lot, and I have a bunch of other books written by her in my TBR shelf.