Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Vol. 01 - Robico This manga has a few cliches moments/characters (the stray dog, the 'tsundere' girl, the 'scary' main boy) but I found it enjoyable, and pretty funny. Shizuku (the Girl) is actually funny. She is supposed to be cold and heartless, and maybe she is because all that she used to care was her grades. Until Haru came along. And Haru is the typical 'bad boy' who is in reality a sweetheart. His reputation is based on misunderstandings. All the he wants to is make friends. When he started to attend school again, he was glued to Shizuku. He reminded me a little of the boy of 'Beast Master' in that aspect.

Neither of them had a friend, and now they have two, who are very likeable. This volume is mostly about their new friendship and the adoption of a chicken as the pet of the class. The art is cute, when they were outside the school I liked their outfits, specially Shizuku's clothes, who were very old-fashioned.

The romance does not seem rushed. Both of them have confessed their feelings already in Vol 1 (!) but it did not seem forced as in other shoujos.

I rate this manga 3 and a half stars.