Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion 4 stars and a half
I´m not used to read books about zombies. I am not into zombies. And also I am not used to read from a man´s perspective. So there were several elements why I would not like Warm Bodies. Luckily I was mistake. The book was great. It caught my attention since the moment I read the first line.

R is the main character, a zombie who eats human, who tries really hard to speak. He is a Zombie, but he thinks like a Living, tries to remember his name, to read. What I like about Marion´s writing is that it seems we are reading R´s Diary, or that he is talking to us. I loved that. Despite being a zombie, R is sweet and intelligent. I also like that he has a friend, M, who at first I thought he was going to be a problem, but nothing to worry about, he was a true friend, and a likeable one too.

Before reading the book I read somewhere that R is like Romeo and Julie is like Juliet. It made sense in a couple of situations, like when R is trying to climb to get to Julie´s balcony. It was a fun allusion.

Anyway, I really recommend this book. It is kind of sweet, and suspense and romantic and a bit of terror. I know there are making a movie based on it, that is why I read it before the movie ruins my imagination or something. I hope they are making a GOOD movie, because the book was that good. I started it yesterday, and luckily it is weekend, because I finished it in less than 24 hrs.