The Wallflower, Vol. 14 - Tomoko Hayakawa Finally, chapters about Yuki, the cutest character in The Wallflower. He is so innocent and nice, and with self-esteems issues sometimes, when he is comparing himself with the other guys. So he also has a girlfriend, only that she makes a tiny, tiny appearance.

Of course, my favorite chapter in this volume was 'Sweet Typhoon', where Sunako and Kyouhei stay at home, alone, and there is a storm. Somehow they are stuck outside in the rain (they were fighting again) and they can only get inside thru the basement. I like this one because they spend all the chapter together, and Sunako has a nose-bleed only once. She is finally getting used to his "brightness" and getting more comfortable around him and the other guys.

Also, at school, she is more friendly and nicer. Sure, she is still dark and gloomy, but not as it used to be. She is growing up, and also, some of her chibis are different... they are cuter and more beautiful.