Wild Ones, Vol. 1 - Kiyo Fujiwara

Sachie lives now with her grandfather after her mother died. His Grandpa is the master of a yakuza, a fact I find very amusing. The members of the yakuza care for Sachie and want to make her happy. Sachie is funny, she have some expressions in her face that made me laugh. She is not comfortable with all the guys trying to spoil her, especially her handsome bodyguard, Rakuto.

And this is where the manga has a failure in my opinion. Rakuto is too much smitten with Sachie, and they have only known each other for what? Hours? Of course, the story in the first volume goes by several months, but just in the first chapter, when they meet, he is already all 'I will die for you, my princess' (in a romantic way, not just because he is her bodyguard)

I think this manga has a pale similarity with "SS Inu x Boku Secret Service". So far, Rakuto is MEH. Their love story is MEH, 'been there, done that' kind of feeling. The rest (the yakuza, Sachie, her Grandpa, her past) is fine.