El ladrón del rayo (Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, #1) - Rick Riordan, Libertad Aguilera Ballester

Re-read, in Spanish.

The first time I read Percy I did not like it very much. I thought the story(and I hate when people does this, but I couldn´t help it) was very similar to Harry Potter. I only read it because this book kept showing up in all forums regarding "after HP... what?".

Now, in my mid-tweenties, I thought I should give Percy Jackson a 2nd chance. Why not? The book was on sale.

Unfortunately, I stick to my first opinion. First of all, I could not like Percy. I thought he was very cocky, being only 12-years-old. I know heroes are supposed to be brave, defiant, etc, but in his case, I thought he was arrogant and sassy (hello, Ares is not any enemy, he is a God, for God´s sake). And sending Medusa´s head to the Olympic was too much. The Olympic! Where all the Gods live! Where his father is! Just because he was "angry"... Or when he saw Grover making "something" like the sign of the cross, only more ancient... how would he know? Or things that were a mystery, he had a feeling that it was this or that... how would he know? And when he saw Luke´s sword, who could injure mortal or immortals, Percy remembered that "a hero was never supposed to harm mortals unless it were absolutely necessary". But when he, Grover and Annabeth had that encounter with that group of bad guys, he did not hesitate to take his own sword out to try to harm them.

Second of all, I did not feel too much chemistry between the 3 friends. Like they were not real friends; more like companions in a mission. And it was too much that the only thing that made Grover so "funny" was that he was always thinking about food.

Thirtly, the similarity with HP & the Philosopher Stone:

- Grover=Ron; Annabeth=Hermione; Nancy Bobofit=Dudley; Dionysus=Snape; Chiron=Dumbledore; Clarisse=Malfoy.
- After Harry found out he was a wizard, he remembered several episodes in his earlier life involving strange things; the same happened to Percy, only waaay less believable: he defeating a snake (hellooo, we know that that happened to Hercules, why the hell did it happen to Percy too? He was not super-strong); he remembering his father (who disappeared when he was what? months-old? How could he remember his father?)
- When he fights the Minotaur, it is pretty much the same when Harry fought the troll.
- When Dionysus says something like "our new celebrity"... ring a bell, anyone? Snape in his first lesson to Harry.
- Houses in the camp: houses in Hogwarts.
- Food appear magically at lunch
- The revelation of the enemy in the story: Luke, who was a nice guy (Quirrel, who was a nice teacher), tried to kill him because he was being control by Chronos (Quirrel was controlled by Voldemort). Percy tried to stop him, losing consciousness (Harry lost consciousness when he did the same). Percy woke up, finding Chiron next to him, who advised him (Harry wakes up finding Dumbledore next to him, who tells him most of the story). It is the end of terms, and Percy says he is going to come back, because it is like his home... or something like that (Harry tells his friends Hogwarts is his home).

I think is sad, because the idea was great. I am myself a huge fan of Greek/Roman mythology. But the writing was not good (and the translation in Spanish is even worse). In fact, several "funny" moments did not even made me smile. I remembered this book the other day when I was watching a movie. You know you are supposed to laugh at certain moments but you don´t, cause the joke is too obvious. That is what happened to me with this book.