Junjo Romantica, Volume 1 - Shungiku Nakamura

This may be one of the manga with the worst art I have ever read so far. Seriously, the art style is awful. The body is not proportionate with the head; hands are usually bigger than the body; chins of semes are square and heads of ukes are triangle-shaped.

However, I love Junjou Romantica. I watched the anime before I read the manga. Actually, this is my first yaoi, and one of the most romantic and funny. Misaki and Usagi are my favorite couple, followed very closely by Tatsumi and Morinaga from "The Tyrant Falls in Love". Usagi is the typical seme: serious, cold towards everyone except his love, dominant but also sweet and caring behind closed doors. And Misaki... awww this boy is funny and cute! His moody expresions, or when he is angry are always making me laugh.

The only thing I do not like is the story between Hiro-san and Nowaki. This is my least favorite couple among the 3 main couples. But one thing is certain: no matter how ugly the art, the plot and the characters are amazing, and once you are into the story, it will not matter whose body is bigger than the head.

Note aside: Please, please, let it be a 3rd season of Junjou Romantica!