Paradise Kiss, Volume 1 - Ai Yazawa It is an interesting manga, although I was expecting more of the world of fashion, which I guess it will be in the following chapters. Yukari is funny and kinda clumsy character, but she forgets too soon 'her true love' and falls rather quickly for George. The guys at the studio (the rocker, the loli, the drag) and George were OK. I think I liked the drag better as we do not get much about her.

Miwako looks so much like a little girl of 14-years-old it looks disturbing to read that she and the Arashi are lovers. And that she loves 2 boys at the same time. She is a loli, but surely has adults' issues.

I will not read the next volumes, but I am glad I did read the first one. I have the movie on my computer, waiting to be watched. And Omasa Aya is playing Miwako (!!!).