At the Altar: Matrimonial Tales - L.M. Montgomery

Every time I am reading a book by LM Montgomery, I am convinced she is my favorite author. She wrote marvelous books and stories. I am always certain that her characters truly existed, cuz they seem so real. And to think that so many of her stories were lost until this wonderful lady found them and published them!

True, the stories of "At the Altar: Matrimonial Tales" are not as funny or romantic or sweet as, let's say, "The Blythes Are Quoted", but I would feel like a crime if I rate this book less than 4 stars.

Without any doubt, my favorite story was the last one "Jack and Jill take a hand". The two different POV were very amusing, and as the story was a little bit longer that the rest, it did not feel rushed.

Recommended to all people who likes to read light, romantic, happy short stories; written by the Great Lucy Montgomery.