Speak - Laurie Halse Anderson

In the edition of the book I have, there is an interview to the writer at the end of the book. And as she says, the story is not really about rape, but most about depression, adolescence depression.

For about half of the book, if I have not been familiar with the book, I would have think that Melinda was just an antisocial, awkward, depressed girl, who had none friends and zero interest in life. Her parents sucked, her classmates sucked. Honestly, I am glad I did not go to school in USA. Students were pretty cruel with introvert people (and still is I guess), and as I am an introvert myself, I would have been thru a hell in school.

Back to the book. Melinda accepts she was raped like in the middle of the story. And she speaks up because this rapist (a student also) was going out with one of her former ex-best friend. Everyone has their own way of showing or facing their problems, and Melinda´s was keeping herself apart from the world.

I would have like to know what happened to the rapist, or about Melinda´s parents finding out the truth. The book was short and easy to read, but it left more wanting more.