Happy Cafe, Vol. 1 - Kou Matsuzuki

Surprisingly I liked it even more than what I expected. The art is very similar to "Beast Master", lots of chibis, blank faces, surprised or shocked expressions... all of these make the manga funny.

Uru is also a very funny main character, but this style of girl in a shoujo bores me pretty quickly. The kind of girl that is always positive, full of energy, clunsy and whom everyone likes. Besides, she is falling in love with Shindou very quickly; so we know where this heads on: tears and whining.

Shindou, although also a bit cliched (serious, unsociable, smart, attractive) has some funny moments, especially when he punches Uru or pinches her cheeks.

The last main character, Ichirou, sleeps a lot and is a nice person. As he is the one with the light hair, and Shindou with the dark one, I guess there will be a love triangle; which I really, really hope not.

I laughed several times, and I like this kind of art a lot. So it is actually 3 stars and a half. Not sure if I am interested to continue reading this though...