Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally This will be the lamest review I will write so far, cuz even now I don't know very well how to define this book, but in the future, I'll want to remember what I thought after finishing this book.

I cannot divide the review between good and bad points because all of the aspects of the story were... OK. Jordan Woods is, without a doubt, the best character in the story (although not one of my favorites in general). She really is a tomboy (meaning, the author created a convincing girl who likes to play football, to hang around with boys only, who speaks, dress, and behaves like a boy). I don't know much about American football, so I was kind of lost with the games and rules. But I liked that Jordan was such a good player, and also the captain of her team, and how much the guys loved and respected her.

The two main guys... I could have lived without them in the story. Ty Green, Jordan's first crush was lame. He looks like Chase Crawford (one of these 'pretty boys' which, at least in my case, do not find THAT hot). And then is Sam Henry, Jordan's best friend, who also happens to be in love with her. Yawn. Love triangles are not my thing, and it tends to get repetitive.

A positive aspect I found is that Jordan is not fussy about sex. She has a lover, even though she does not really love him. Most YA books present the girl naive, modest, and all about keeping her virginity to the 'special one'. So Jordan is like a fresh air in this genre.

All the drama was not necessary. I think Henry was pretty stupid, and Jordan with her inability to decide made me roll my eyes a couple of times. Henry has been her best friend all her life, she starts dating the guy she likes, and when she finds our Henry is in love with her, she realizes she has the same feelings? Yawn. So, taking aside all the 'love drama', the book was OK.