Angel Diary, Vol. 01 - Kara, Lee Yun-Hee This is a manhwa, so it has to be read from left to right.

The world the characters are living is similar to Card Captors Sakura. I am still having a little trouble remembering the names (Korean names are harder to remember). Doung Young is a princess who ran away because she was betrothed to a Demon King. Now she is here on Earth, posing as a boy student. There are a couple of girls who are, actually, fangirls; crazy over her relationship with Bi-Wal. And actually, their relationship looks yao-ish. Of course he knows who she really is, but that does not make a difference when he is touching her, flirting with her or kissing her, as Doung Young looks like an uke.

There are a bunch of characters just in the first volume. A couple of ghost-buster (Doung Young is easily possessed by spirits), Bi-Wal and his cousin, the typical creature who is with the main character (Mao).

The art is OK, nothing outstanding. I liked the story a lot, and I am willing to read more.