Lord Sayer's Ghost - Cindy Holbrook

Thank you Goodreads! Thank you Amazon! If it weren't for these 2 websites, I would have missed so many great books, like this one.

I devoured this book. It was so entertaining. It is the kind of Regency romance I love to read, cuz there is actually a plot, the characters have personalities, there are clever situations, the romance is believable, and clean.

So, to describe the positive things:

- Prudence: oh boy... the last Regency I read "Dangerous" by Amanda Quick has a heroine named Prudence. So the first pages I visualized this Prudence as the other Prudence, until I found out (pleasantly) that these 2 girls were completely different. This Prudence was witty, nothing annoying, had a great chemistry with the Hero, and was smart (not because the author is telling us that, but because her actions are enough reason to prove it). The times she quarreled with the Hero went smoothly, not forced, and the reader can see why the Hero falls in love with her.

- Lord Sayer: the 'negative' aspect of the Hero could be his name... Sinjun. What a name! Not that it bothers me, cuz I don't even like my real name. And he is what a rake should be, at least in my eyes: charming, witty, amused with all things, especially with our heroine; a man who likes adventures, sometimes naughty (when it comes to women), a man who has mistresses but treats them well. He is not one of these heroes who has 'I cannot love her; I am cold and never have loved' attitude. And he was excellent as a 'ghost'. And oh my! the kisses they shared! All very clean of course, but so passionate.

- Plot: not predictable as most regency romance books. Prudence and her Aunt live in this Mansion, haunted by the ghost of Lord Sayer. Aunt Saraphina (who is a darling) believes in paranormal activities, but not Prudence. Then she finds out that Lord Sayer is pretending to be dead to catch his 'murderer' -someone attempted to murder him 3 times-. She joins forces with him, and she actually helps him; she is not a bother at all. When they managed to reunite all the members of the family in the mansion, it has a 'Clue' air (the murder-mystery game).

- Secondary characters: all of them were charming in some way or another. Even the rival, or the mistress, or the Dandy, or the murderer.

- Ghost: there is a real ghost in the story, something I have never read before in a Regency. And it is a nice ghost.

Negative aspect: ......... none!

Recommended to readers who enjoy GH books. There is even a cat in the story, and all the fans of Georgette know that an animal is important in a story (mostly it is a dog, but anyway...)