The Boy Next Door - Meg Cabot Only Meg Cabot is capable of writing a chick lit entirely! based on emails. Seriously, there are no chapters, no dialogs, nothing! It is all emails between friends, family, etc.

Mel is our MC, who is a entertainment journalist and lives in an apartment. Next door lives an old woman who, one night, is attacked by a stranger. As the lady is in comma, Mel has to take care of her dog and cats, so she contacts the lady's nephew so HE can take care of the animals. The nephew, Max, is a total jerk who asks help to a former friend, John Trent, to pretend to be him.

Yes, the plot is predictable and repetitive. A guy who pretends to be another, falls in love with a girl, doesn't know how to tell her the truth without hurting her; she finds the truth sooner or later, they have a fight, he tries to win her back, etc, etc. Yes, the idea of everyone writing emails is very unrealistic (we have phones, right?). Yes, the book should be 'The guy next door' instead of boy (John is 30 years-old!). Yes, the gossip about the celebrities is too old story (Gwyneth with Matt Damon?). Yes, I was getting nervous the first, ummm, 20 pages when all I was reading was emails.

But Meg Cabot has a special way to make ALL her characters likeable. And I mean all, even the 'bitch' at the office, Dolly. Her emails were the best I think, so funny! All Mel's co-worker were incredible, they were so noisy and meddlesome but all of them had good heart. Her supervisor George reminded me of Josie Geller's boss in 'Never been kissed'... I couldn't not help having this actor in mind whenever I was reading his emails.

Despite the first impression ("OMG, is this going to be ALL emails only??") I enjoyed the book a lot.