Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella It is always a pleasure to read a book by Sophie Kinsella. She is the author who introduced me into chick lit. There is no one like her to create a likeable main character and a romantic comedy.

In this book, Lexi is exactly like the other characters I read in her other books. She is someone you can relate to, brave, sometimes a bit clumsy, loyal to her friends and involved in situations somewhat unrealistic, but also, that may happen. She is partying one night with her 3 friends, and while trying to get a taxi, she slips and hurts her head. She wakes up in a hospital, finding out she is not in 2004 anymore, but in 2007, and that she lost her memories of the last 3 years.

Not only is she now married, but also a rich, successful woman with an espectacular body and face. But she is also known for being cold and bitch. How much can one person change in 3 years? Later we find out why she is what she is, and all the circumstances that lead her to her current position.

I am pretty sure that, if the author was another, I would have like it more. But it is Sophie Kinsella, and I was expecting more. Sure, it is a fast read, but the comedy and romance was poor. Usually I fall in love with the main guy; here, I was "MEH". The funny situations were moments where I smiled, not laughed as one expects in a chick lit. I like when in a chick lit, the main girl has always her friends for support and laughs. In here, I find Lexi to be very lonely. Her mother was distant; her sister, a delinquent; her ex-friends, with a grudge against her; her husband, a kind of Stepford-wife weirdo; her current friend, a fake; her current love, too dramatic and serious.

The end was also disappointing. There were many questions unanswered, and everything was too conveniently resolved. So far, the weakest book written by Sophie.