Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen What a lovely book. I read this on my Kindle, and I was so into the story that when I get to the end, I was like "What! This ends here? Are you kidding me?". It happened so fast...

I don´t think I have ever read the word "flipped" before. It suits the story very well. The story is narrated from two different POV: Juli´s and Bryce´s. So far, stories narrated like this worked for me.

This morning, after I finished the book, I was a bit hesitant whether it was an excellent book (5 stars) or an almost-excellent-book (4 stars), only because of that ending. But there are so many little moments (Juli and her dad going to visit her Uncle, Granpa Chet saying Juli reminds him of his dead wife, the dinner) or the most important events (Juli and the tree; the Basket day; the whole incident with the eggs); all of them stick in my mind long after reading it. And if a book has that effect it means only one thing: it was well done and well developed.

What is more important, there was a progress in one of the characters, meaning he gets better as a human being. Bryce is a somewhat shallow coward pretty boy who does not care about anything besides himself. And then, he changes for better, even (or because of) having a dad so ignorant and close-minded as Mr. Loski is.

And the whole thing with the tree was a very touching scene, at least to me. I love finding books where there are tender moments like this one.

Very recommended book. Light, easy reading, sweet... Now I have to watch the movie, which I hope, it is faithful to the plot.