The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern Finally! Finished! Must be my first words regarding this book...

I got to admit, it has been a long time since it took me so long to finish a book. Maximum I take is 10 days top. To finish this it took me almost 3 weeks.

Circuses fascinate me. They are mysterious, unique, with many secrets. Once of the best thing about the book is that almost the whole story is within the circus. And besides that, the colors that predominate the story are black, white and red.

I think this book will be a fine movie. In fact, if rumors are true, there is a possibility of a movie based on this book in the future. The characters are kind of a blur; we do not get to know them very well. I think the only one I could understand a little bit was Bailey, the boy who was outside the circus and who was the twin's friend.

The problem I had with the story is that the author tended to describe too much but at the end, we were not told anything. Loads of words but no meanings. And the characters were not too likeable; maybe the twins and Bailey, but the others... The 'love story' was not too sympathetic; I did not even like Marco, and Celia was OK. The supposed duel between the two was not very clear, and really was not a 'duel' like I was imagining.

Also, when I was close to the end, I was hoping that that chapter would be the last. But the author dragged the story on and on.

I understand why it was rate highly. It was not a bad book; just IMO it was not good. Maybe I'll read it again in the future with different eyes.