Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson My first steampunk book. I don't know why I was so reluctant to read this genre. Maybe because I was ignorant and had no idea what it was about? Advice: it is always nice to try new things.

This genre has everything I like to read. And at least, this book has several aspects I love:

- Victorian era: actually Letitia, our MC, enjoys both lives, the present, normal, everyday life, where she is a nurse; and the Victorian era, where she is a real fortune-teller. There is something so mysterious about this period: the clothes, the make-up, the streets, that London air. And not only this, but there is also a Circus! where we can meet several "freaks", like a lizard-boy, contortionists, a strong-man, etc. So a Circus in a Victorian period, BIG plus.

- Paranormal creatures: in this world, there are no vampires, but Bludmen, which is basically pretty much the same. They drink blood, can live longer than humans, are stronger, faster. BUT, they are not dead, are not afraid of the sun AND there are also animals like this: bludbunnies, bludstags, bludhorses, etc. Beside the Bludmen, there are the Pinkies (like Letitia, because of her 'pink' cheeks, meaning she is a human), the Strangers (like Letitia and Casper, people that are not from this world), Coopers (the policemen).

- Magic: not so much, but the things Criminy is able to do are cool. Especially when he makes Letitia invisible.

- Space-travel: at the beginning, Letitia lives in this world taking care of her grandma and recovering from a bad relationship. Until she finds a locket. That locket makes her travel (in time? in space?) so she ends up in this other world, Sang, where she meets Criminy Stain, a Bludman. When she falls asleep in Sang, she wakes up in our world, and viceversa. Pretty cool, huh? Only that she is not able to sleep. Until this evil man comes up and steals her locket, making her travel impossible. This is where her job begins, to take her locket back, with the help of Criminy.

- Technology: not because it is Victorian period means that everything is primitive. Each one of the people in Sang may have a pet, a mechanical pet. This pet (could be a monkey, a snake, a peacock or whatever) has handful purposes, like being a guardian, helping it master to unlock things, or to escape from a danger.

[After naming all the positive things, I noticed that all of this resembles my favorite manga, "Kuroshitsuji". Even better!]

The big flaw, IMO: the main characters.

To me it is so important to love the main characters; or at the very least, like them, sympathize with them; understand them. And I could not care less about Letitia. Criminy was OK, but it is like I don't know them. I am sure this in on my side only, because they are not bad characters; in fact, they are brave, strong and have their amazing abilities.

BUT their love seems more lust/crush than anything, and I am tired of 'love at first sight' and love triangles. In this book, the other guy, Casper, is not that important, and the love triangle is not prolonged, luckily. But it gets on my nerves when a girl, only because she has two hot guys over her, cannot decide and suddenly "loves" both of them. Girl, you are selfish and you are hurting both of them :P

Anyway this genre is very interesting and I am very glad I tried it. I'll read other steampunk books without a doubt (not the next one of this series though)