V is for Virgin - Kelly Oram I have read before 2 books by the same author: one was image and the other was image. I was sure I was going to like this one.

The idea of a teenage girl wanting to stay virgin until marriage is great, especially in these days when the average of virgin teenagers is what? Very low. I am surprised how many people likes to meddle in other people's private lives. What do they care if someone else is sexually active or not? Valerie barely announces the whole school she is a virgin, and the rumors, gossip, whispers erupts. I find Valerie so brave. It is very hard for teenagers to admit they are virgins, cuz let's face it, Society likes to critize and judge other people.

So I liked this concept a lot. Valerie sticks to what she believes, and never doubts her personal mantra. The background characters were OK, not one-dimensional. Her 3 candidates were just OK. Zach is the typical guy who gets mad cuz he cannot get into his girlfriends pants, Issac is cute but kind of boring and intense, and Kyle is hot but some kind of a jerk. I admit I cheated: when I was about half of the book I looked the end to see who she chooses.

Not a fan of the epilogue, but I supposed it has to be done so we could find out Valerie's future.