Black Butler, Vol. 1 - Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura My first shounen! And I am happy to say I loved it! It is a mix between violent and funny. Sebastian, the butler, is kind of Neo from The Matrix, just awesome. He knows how to do EVERYTHING right, in such an elegance. I love his clothes, and his looks! So gothic... And the little master Ciel... another amazing character. So mysterious and melancholic and sophisticated! I like that they have a bond, even if it is Sebastian serving him until his death to gain his soul. So dark.

And the secondary characters give the comedy to the manga, they are so funny! Bard, Finnie and Maylene are so in awe of Sebastian (he is sooo cool). Wow, the drawings are so beautiful, dark and creepy. I so want to watch the anime now, especially that scene where Sebastian goes to rescue Ciel from the mob and kills everyone. Brilliant.