A Match Made in High School - Kristin Walker I blame movies like John Hughes's or "10 Things I Hate About You". Or books like "Much Ado About Nothing". You know the kind: romantic comedies, involving tangles, young adult characters, some misunderstandings, great background figures, etc. And I also blame that the system at my office was down, and this book was at hand, and it was reading this (and finish it) or doing nothing.

I am always looking for good YA romantic comedies. Was this YA? Yes, the plot develops in High School. Even if I finished school almost 10 years ago, I am attracted to this kind of books. Was this romantic? Hell no. Was this a comedy? Not even close! I did not even smile once.

Plot: the Principal decided to make this project for students in their last year. Each student would have a "couple" and they would have to stay "married" for the rest of the year. What kind of project is that? I thought the author was going to present it in an original way, or at least, in a funny way, but no. They even had a "wedding" ceremony, arghhh. I mean, I've read some books, and watched some movies, where a female and a male student had to pretend to be parents of a doll, and it is always funny, but the project only lasts a couple of weeks or something. Not like in this case who had to last the whole year or they could not graduate (!).

Characters: - Fiona, the lead character. Arghhh, what an annoying girl. Please authors, realize that not because your heroine is not popular, "common", or read books like P&P, or does not give a damn about what other people think, means that she is someone with "strong personality". Or that she is similar to Elizabeth Bennett. Or maybe Daria Morgendorffer? Because Fiona was... NOT!. She liked to criticize others, was rude, selfish, childish. Every time she had her revenge against Todd... whatever. Each one of them showed she was not only childish, but vulgar too. No wonder she had no friends. And she was a bit of disgusting too.

- Todd: maybe the most interesting character in the book, along with his girlfriend Amanda. Not that I understand how could he even like Fiona. They had ZERO chemistry, it was so forced.

- Marcie: Fiona's "supposed" best friend. Yes, she was clever enough to figure Fiona's selfishness out. But only after she started dating Fiona's long crush... behind her back. This Gabe guy has been Fiona's first love since FOREVER (and Marcie knew all the time of course, as she has been her "best friend always") and even so, she dated him SECRETLY. She was listening Fiona comment about Gabe's supposed glares or flirts while putting some gloss on her lips, with a perfect poker face, hiding the truth. And then, after she realizes Gabe is not who she thought he was, she seeks comfort in her 'best friend'. Nice, Marcie... NOT!

- Johnny: OK character, kind of boring. And again, cannot understand WHY he liked Fiona.

So disappointing.