Faro's Daughter - Georgette Heyer I´ve read another amazing book by GH. I am surprised this book is not very commented in the GH Club we have here in GR. It is one of my favorites now.

It started very unusual for a GH book. Deborah is a woman, in her tweenties ("older" girls are always better than younger, as we fans know) who runs a gambling house with her aunt. Never before had a MC had a "suspicious" background. Besides, she has a lot of debts, and has a rich and young suitor, Adrian, who wants to marry her.

On the other hand, we have Max Ravenscar, Adrian´s cousin, who is supposed to be stingy, and not only that, but he lacks that "twink in the eye" that most GH heroes have. He is a bachelor, but not a rake. He is rich, but does not do things on a whim. And he is very skilled in boxing and horses, but he is not as popular as other heroes have been.

As soon as he hears of the situation, he tries whatever means to prevent the marriage. And every time he and Deborah fight or quarrelled or are together are wonderful! This is a real "love/hate" relationship, so much passion, and their arguments flow naturally. I loved both of them; they were delighfully portrayed. And each scheme was perfectly done.

The background characters are magnificent as well. Adrian the suitor, was not the bother young boy but nice and a bit silly. Deb´s aunt was so funny each time she needed her salts because she was shocked with Deb´s machinations.

Love, love the book, even more that the other popular ones like Venetia, Frederica (although I like them too!)