Hate List - Jennifer Brown Such a powerful theme, tragic and delicate. A shooting in a school. By one of the student. Narrated by the girlfriend.

Nicholas and Valeria are an outcast couple. They are bullied, misunderstood by a lot of people, with family problems. They are angry, especially Nick. So they created this 'Hate List' of people they despise. As this is narrated from Valerie's POV, we get to know a little of Nick. He maybe crazy, but he is is also a friend, a lover.

I like that it is not black nor white, and I am referring to the characters. Not all the bullies were bad; they also had their 'human' side, like Jessica, the popular girl who was saved by Valerie and tried to befriend her. Or Val's mother, who appears to be a cold, resentful mother, but it is only that she is alone in this whole drama (btw, I hated Val's dad. What a jerk, selfish son of a bitch). The story, more than anything, is about the recovery of the shooting by all the people who were more or less involved in it.

Literally I got goosebumps during the shooting. It was very sad and distressing. Sure we people on the outside, when this kind of tragedy happens, think that the shooter was just a psycho, but this book made me think about their motives, what they go through when they are bullied; why mean people behave like that towards others who are not "like them".

I may have to re-review this in the future. I still don't know how to feel about this book. There were flaws but I cannot put my finger on what.