Avalon High - Meg Cabot This is the 2nd retelling of King Arthur I read, and I like it. It could not be other way, as I am a fan of Meg Cabot. Her characters are always fun to read and easy to like. As always, the MC is likeable, clumsy but not dumb; tall and slim but not beautiful; sarcastic but not obnoxious.

Elaine (the "lady of Shalott") moves to another town and meets A. William (Arthur) and his girlfriend Jennifer (Guinnevere) and his best friend Lance (Lancelot). There is an instant chemistry between Ellie and William. And he is rather sweet and charming, being popular and all. We even have his stepbrother Marco (Mordred). A character that I missed in the story is Merlin. I don´t care that at the end Ellie thinks Professor Morton was Merlin; he was not in my opinion. He had barely any scenes with William, and we all know Merlin was an important person in King Arthur´s life.

There was a tiny little detail I found rather... not annoying, but repetitive. Words like "well", or "whatever", or "I mean". I am aware that Ellie is in her 16s or 17s, and that is the way most teenagers talk, but if you are reading a book, and every two phrases the MC is saying "I mean...", it gets irritating.

Easy and light reading.