Deadly Cool - Gemma Halliday I love to find a book that makes me giggle like a silly girl. Which is what happened to me while reading this book. Not once, not twice, but several times. It could be because A) Hartley has a funny sense of humor; B) Chase is a lovely Bad Boy or C) the teenager language is just damn amusing (except the overuse of the word "Dude"... I don't like this word).

'Deadly Cool' is a YA with (like the premise says) Nancy Drew elements. It starts already with some action, when Hartley finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her. She is angry so she looks out for him to confront him. But he is nowhere, the chicken. So she goes to his house, along with her sidekick and best friend, Sam, and they sneak out thru the window. And here is where everything starts, where she finds the body of the girls who was 'effing' her boyfriend.

It may be a YA book, but thank God it does not have the elements that define this genre most of the times: A) an annoying Mary Sue; B) a love triangle (or any romantic problems); C) friends with no chemistry with our MC (which, now that I think of it, happens a lot with manga shoujo). On the contrary, this is about murder, about a heroine who is not having inner struggles the whole time (while I enjoy reading self-introspection from the MC, sometimes it gets irritating) and who is a real doer.

Even the cheater is likeable. Josh may be a horny jerk, but he was lovely enough to make Hartley move around to clean his name. And Chase was just too cute and charming. Although I would have loved to read why he broke up with Shiloh...

The whole story happens within a week. There were slang I was not familiar with and I had to stop for a moment and think for a couple of seconds, as I am not an English Speaker and English nowadays is getting tougher; like "TP'ed". Or the text messages. Thankfully, when I was wondering WTH did "bg" mean, Chase asked the same question. Cute.

Probably my favorites scenes: A) when Hartley sneaked into Chase's bedroom; B) when Hartley and Sam where charging Kevin's car with the oil (yuck!) and C) "That's me. Miss Dumb Luck".

I did not read the sneak peek of the next volume to avoid getting anxious to read it!