My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh The cover of this book is awful! Thank to all Heavens I have a Kindle, or I would have never read this of embarrasment.image I was sure I was going to be later "oh don´t judge the book by its cover", because I thought it was going to be a heart-breaking, love, sweet, coming-of-age story (similar to my favorite bl/yaoi story of all-times).

It was kind of sweet and it was about coming of age. And the characters, Mal and Wes, were OK.. mostly at the beginning. The story started so well. Mal is a cute, nice, lonely teenager, who was bullied when he was in school. Of course that left pshycological scars. Then he meets Wes, an awesome guy who stands up for what he believes, and who does not care that people know about his sexuality. So far, so good. I am interested stories about bullying. And Wes flirting with Mal was hot. So the perfect seme and the perfect uke.

Until Mal finally comes out of the closet. And it turns in a "porn with plot" book. Mal was horny all the time. I mean, poor guy, of course he would be, and it is not like I don´t like MM smutty scenes (quite the opposite). But I am looking for substance in my book, a development in their relationship... something that let me be all image at the end. I would have like to read more about Mal and his relationship with his parents. Or about his trauma because of the bullying. Or something else besides sex, sex, "I love you", sex, sex, "I love you" scenes.