Saving Francesca - Melina Marchetta It was pleasant to find a YA that was not fluffy, light, predictable (not that I dislike them). The cover may be a little deceitful, because it suggest the opposite as what it is.

On one hand, yes, it is about Francesca moving into a ex-all-boys-school, where the boys are adapting to getting used to be with girls, and where the few girls have to adapt to be around boys who are very immature and chauvinist. I remember when something like this happened in my country: the public all-boys-school, and the public all-girls-school joined to be a mixed-school. The boys were a nightmare, making the life of the girls insufferable. In 'Saving Francesca' the problem takes not so long, and the boys are really nice deep down.

On the other hand, and what the book focuses more about, is Mia's depression, who is Francesca's mother. Her depression influences in her family, making them miserable. Francesca herself is a bit of a depressing character. She struggles with her mum's depression and blames all to her father. She used to have friends in her previous school, but then she realizes her new friends are her "real" friends. Thomas and Jimmy were so funny; they reminded me of my schoolmates, especially Thomas, with all his sexist jokes, and the whole being brave when he is surrounded by his buddies, but when alone, he is one of the nicest guys.

Good story that handles other issue besides coming of age.