Jane of Lantern Hill - L.M. Montgomery 3.5 stars.

Every time I read one of LM Montgomery's books I want to visit PE Island. She definitely loved her country, and especially this town. Over the weekend I had to re-watch the movie "Anne of Green Gables" and enjoy the beautiful views... and of course, enjoy the adventures of my favorite character and 'bosom friend'.

Jane, who all her life had been living in Ontario, gets a letter from her father to go and visit him in PE Island. Of course she falls in love with the people, the sea, her new home, the trees. The author certainly was a a master in describing scenarios. I did not read another book that has so many enchanting descriptions. Jane is the luckiest MC I've read in a Montgomery book, because she has both of her parents alive.

Jane is a good character, but I did not like her parents very much. Her father was nice and everything, but how could he not contact his own daughter for so many years? One thing is to have lost your wife, but other entirely is to neglect your own child. And her mother was just silly pretty thing. This is a child's book for many reasons: the ending; the way Jane comes to love her father (with a picture alone); the magic she feels for both houses, and getting them both; the ability of a 10-year-old girl to be a housewife; the adventure with the lion.

While I did not find Jane much of a kindred-spirit, I enjoyed the book.

This book is free on gutenberg.org.