A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb What a dark, depressing but also, sweet book.

Helen is a ghost wandering on Earth, going from one Host (she sticks to human until they die) to other. One day when she is at school with her current Host she realizes one of the student is staring at her. No one has ever seen her since she became a ghost. When she has the chance she talks with this boy, and he, Billy, confesses that he used to be a ghost named James and he took over this body.

Their love story begins very quickly. They fell deeply in love, but mostly because of who the other was. They understand each other, as they were both ghosts, or Light. We readers get to know how did James possess the body, who this Billy kid used to be... Helen wished so much to become James´ ghost that she gets it eventually.

With the help of James, she manages to possess a girl´s body too. They become lovers. The thing is, their really self were like 30-years-old and now they are both in the body of a teenager (hers is only 15). Their "families" are very dysfunctional. Billy´s brother controls every step James does. And Jenny´s (the body Helen possess) is very religious: the mother seems a psycho and the father is a hypocrite.

Every time Helen was with her "family" was creepy, as it usually is when you have fanatical-religious people who think everything is a sin and forbids you to breath. Or when she was suffering for his former Host, Mr. Brown, that was so sad... Or when she was suffering for James, whom she loved so much... Looks like all Helen did was to suffer, but she also had her happy moments: when she tasted food for the first time after so much time, or when she was with James.

Until I got to the end it was a 3 stars book for me. But when a story make me tear up a little bit, that is something. I love books that moved me. And this one was no exception.