Brighton Road - Susan Carroll Highly recommended if you are looking for a light, clean romance. It is so light and zero drama that there is not even a villain in the story. How refreshing is that? The hero is not tragic, with a tumultuous past. In fact, Ravenel is a true gentleman; I mean, he blushes if he has "indecent" thoughts! And by "indecent" I mean only the desire to kiss Gwenda.

And Gwenda... great heroine I must say. Not once she makes a stupid mistake. Every single "mischief" is refreshing; no wonder Ravenel falls in love in just 3 days. I would have thought that 3 days is too short to fall in love with the other one, but they go through so many adventures that creates a bond between them. I love that Gwenda has a crush on her favorite fictitious hero, Roderigo. Gwenda, my friend, I also have a Roderigo in all my Regencies novels:

Richard Armitage, the perfect Dreamy hero

And the dog! Bertie is not there as a background pet; he has some funny scenes with the couple. The dog alone deserves some stars, because I love when there is a pet involved in the story. The book was so good that the first day only I've read 90% of the story.

Oh, and the cover is misleading. You would expect a cheap-romance-kinda-book with that cover, but it is not. Quite the opposite.