Divergent  - Veronica Roth This book has been for a looong time in my TBR shelf. Sometimes I want to go against the flow and just dislike the YA bestsellers. Why? Because almost all books are the same: same plot, same heroine, same love story. "Divergent" is no exception; I found many similarities between it and Harry Potter, Hunger Games (well, it is dystopian, so of course there will be similarities).

Nevertheless, it is an entertaining book. There is a lot of action (punches, gun-shoots, training with knives). And also a lot of non-senses IMO. Thankfully there is no love triangle, hurray!

The end... image. I enjoyed the book very much (taking aside the non-senses throughout the book) until the last couple of chapters. First of all, I consider Tris a cold, selfish heroine. She does not feel anything remorseful or, I don't know, sadness? when some events happen. I cannot even mention the said events in order not to give spoilers (**rawr** I love giving spoilers), which is my second point. I understand somethings like these HAVE to happen as it is a dystopian, but I am not in the mood to go through a 2nd Katniss in "Mockingbird".