The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet - Erin Dionne I've picked up this book, not because of the cover, nor the plot, nor the author, but because of the title. Isn't the name Hamlet too funny... for a girl??

Too bad the plot was lame. And that Hamlet did not live up the expectations. The allusions to Shakespeare -his works, his life- were fun, but sometimes they were a bit over the top. Her parents, a great example. Or Hamlet's talent in reading. Maybe I would have liked it more if I've read it when I was younger. Take the Babysitters Club series as an example. I've read it years ago, and I loooved it, but re-reading it now made me noticed the cliches, the unrealistic stuffs, the immature behavior of the girls, etc.

The only character I liked was Dezzie, Hamlet's younger sister. A 7-year-old genious, and that begins to experience 8th grade? Far more interesting than Hamlet's drama.