The Heavenly Surrender - Marcia Lynn McClure Maybe not as good as other Marcia's books I've read before, but it is always a pleasure to read one of ther books, and besides, I downloaded a free copy from Amazon! I feel blessed the few times I get one of her books for free.

One of the things I like more about her writing is her descriptions; she loves to describe things, people, etc. And her characters are always good looking. And the "massive chests"! I find them so funny especially after Marcia's explanation of this.

Maybe because I am Latin, but one thing I do not like when authors involve Spanish and Latin people is the use of the language. I hate it when they add some words into the dialogues. Like, "She is my esposa". No, no, NO. A big NO. It is annoying. Besides, the word "idiota" (idiot) has no genre; it is used for both males and females. "Idioto" does not exists, and there are a lot of these errors in the dialogues.