My Unfair Godmother - Janette Rallison

The book arrived 2 months ago and I was trying hard not to read it yet, knowing that the 3rd one in the series has not come out yet. I was afraid that it would not be as good as the first one, so my expectations were very high.

I got to say it fulfilled what I was expecting. Again it has a good heroine, mixtures of fairy tales, time-travel, funny moments, great villains... AND Middle Age! It is not as 'light' as the first one. Tansy and Hudson are much 'darker' characters, because they actually have problems... or better explained, family issues. And they are more mature too; they are not really interested in frivolous stuffs.

Now, it is hard not to compare this one with "My Fair Godmother". Even though Tansy and Hudson are characters that will interest more to an older audience, like me, I liked Savannah and Tristan better. Savannah was much of a doer; she was not a girl who just sat there and keep trying to find solutions by thinking, as Tansy does here. She actually fought several times, she wasn't scared and her tough attitude was a big plus.

Nevertheless, I heartily recommend the book. I love the author's style of writing. She is so fun to read, and creates original situations/characters.

Oh, and I would love to have that hair! The girl in the cover is so beautiful.