My Fair Godmother - Janette Rallison, Cyril Laumonier I am so happy I gave this book a second try. The first 2 chapters or so did not grab me at all. I did not like Jane, nor Hunter, nor Savannah. And when Chrissy, the fair godmother, appeared, I thought "Mmmm I am not going to like this book..." I was sooo wrong... the book is funny, and totally the type of story I like.

Savannah is a wonderful character, and so is Tristan. I liked that Savannah was not the common Mary Sue... she was not a top A student, but she was smart and brave and funny. I like that she also sees blurry when she doesn't wear her glasses, and needs her friend's help to recognize people, because that is what I go through all the time! True, at the beginning all she was thinking was Hunter and Jane, Jane and Hunter, blah blah. But the fun starts once she goes to the Middle Age. I was not seeing that at all. She is Cinderella and then Snow White. Then she comes back, but oh no! Chrissy sent Tristan to Middle Age to become the prince Savannah was looking for. So she goes back and very much prepared: see? she was very smart, taking useful things.

So there are balls, bad knights, dragons, wizards, etc. This book has everything I look for in a fantasy book. And it is funny at the same time. I can totally see a movie based in this book in a future (kind of the movie of Ella Enchanted).

So this book is rated 4 stars only for the first couple of chapters. Otherwise, it is a fantastic book!