The Healer's Apprentice - Melanie Dickerson Well, I was able to finished it, despite the boredom. First of all, it is too much a Christian book for me: everything is God, Jesus, etc. Not my type of book. Secondly, Rose is a very boring main female character. What is her strong feature? That she is the most beautiful girl ever. Besides that, nothing else is interesting about her. And OMG, Wilhem! He fell in love with her only because of her beauty, I don´t think he would ever look at her if she was an OK girl. The other "supposed" reason was "because she loves music, she cares for people, blah blah". And what about Wilhem´s attributes? Nothing more than his pretty face too. So basically is a love story between 2 beautiful people of different social status, who for almost the whole book were thinking "OMG, he/she is so beautiful, but I can't think of marry him/her".

So yeah, not my kind of book. I picked it up because of all the wonderful reviews. When I was like 20% of the story I disliked it already but forced myself to read it all.