Ruthless - Anne Stuart It was just OK. The main problem on the story is that the love story is not believable. I can get the attraction but just that. But specially the love story between Elinor´s sister, Lydia, and Charles. Why did they fall in love? Right, she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and he was very handsome and soo attractive with that scar in his face. But they talked like twice, and were totally crazy about each other. Yeah, right.

And Elinor and Rohan... Yes, she was different from other girls, so I can get why he fell in love (well, not really. But of course in every love story the main girl has to be different, and so the hero, who is sooo attractive, and -this is a MUST- he is known as the Devil, Satan, or whatever). The good thing about this hero is that he wasn´t as cold-sadistic-jerk as most of Anne Stuart´s heroes.