A Geek in Japan: Discovering the Land of Manga, Anime, Zen, and the Tea Ceremony - Hector  Garcia Like a geek, I spent my whole weekend reading this wonderful book. And I feel like I have been in Japan over the weekend, walking around Tokyo, the stores, the gardens.

People who are interested in Japan must read this book. I learnt so much. It has subjects about everything: Japanese customs, a bit of history, places that we must visit; manga and anime and so many others. There are things that I've already known because of manga, doramas; like stuffs about their school system, food, etc. Other things I am learning just by watching this TV show (Cartoon KAT-TUN, which is like, the funniest and most entertaining show evah). For example, the way they greet people, or why girls cover their mouth when they laugh. Or the importance they give to their food. Or how polite and respectful they are, and their nice sense of humor.

Some things I may have taken for granted, or when I was reading, I was like "Oh I noticed that too but never asked myself why" are that Japanese people do not use the word iie, "no". Or that they use the word chotto a lot.

A huge positive aspect in this book is that the author shares his own anecdotes with the reader. Stories that involve the environment in his work, with his co-workers; or when he was trying to rent a room in a hotel, or the places he likes the best. Stories that make the reader understand more and better. And most of the photos are from the author himself, not from Internet.

Luckily this journey does not end here. The author (bless his soul!) has his own blog where he describes and tells us more about this amazing country, http://www.kirainet.com/. Look like GR is not going to be the only website I visit the most.