I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You - Ally Carter I was unsure whether to rate this book 2 or 3 stars, so I guess it should be 2 and a half. The elements to make a great book were there: a rich school for spies girls, a group or friends of diversity characters, a normal and cute boy falling for the heroine, action, humour. Unfortunately, it just didn´t grab me as I was hoping.

Cammie is known as the Chameleon. In fact, it is her code name when she is on a mission. Her other 2 friends, Bookworm (the intelligent one) and the Duchess (the beautiful one) are pure cliché, but good ones, IMHO. Then Macey joins the group, and she is like The Bitch One, but the only one who can help her with the boy she likes.

Sooo... the characters that I started to appreciate were Liz (the smart one) and Macey. The so-so was Bex, the beautiful-kick-ass one. Then, all the others were kind of flat for me. I guess because this 3 girls actually have personality, which Cammie, her mum, her teachers, Josh, lacked.

I admit that it is a good book to spend time, but it is not WOW. I think that the writing is not very good. If it was a movie I feel that it would be great. Sadly, the book... not so much.