The Sugar Rose - Susan Carroll

Average. 1.5 stars.

I was tempted to rate this just one star. But if I have to be honest, I liked the first part, the bickering between Aurelia and Everard. It has a promising start. Very disappointing, because I liked Susan Carroll's book "BRIGHTON ROAD" a lot.

For about 20% of the story all was good. Until they fall in love, and all the cheesy thoughts start to happen. It was all:

"And why was her heart beating so fast?"

"Why did he think her eyes were the most exquisite thing in the world?"

"Why did this kiss feel different from all the other kisses?"

And so on. So corny. And predictable. I can't stand when there is a wager, and then the obvious misunderstanding. Aurelia behaved like a silly girl for about half of the book, and Everard -who is supposed to be a gentleman- punching Justin was so OoC. Or frowning ALL the time because of his "impossible love". I did not think it was possible, but I've read most of the book with my eyes rolling.