The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson So disappointed. The author had an interesting theme (Jack the Ripper) but she did not make use of it. Even the cover suggests something eerie happening, and this is taking place in freaking UK! For about half of the book, nothing happens... unless you are interested in boarding school in UK. Which I am... always (great examples of this: Harry Potter, Enid Blyton's books, The Student Prince; just to name a few of great books in boarding schools).

But in this case, Rory does not describe anything about her life in school. She goes to the library, she makes out with Jerome, she spends time with Jazza in her room, and that's it. Nothing about the classes, nothing about spending time outside the school, nothing about her teachers, lessons, classmates. I even imagined that the school was almost empty, but I cannot assure it, since the author did not describe anything. Rory even describes her family back in Louisana, boring anecdotes about her uncle, her cousin, etc. etc.

And what about the nicknames? "My name is Aurora, but everyone calls me Rory". "Hi, my name is Julianne but everybody calls me Jazza". "Hi, my name is Bhuvana but everybody calls me Boo". Jeez, this overuse of nicknames was irksome.

The second half of the book should be where things get interesting. Rory finds out she can see ghosts. Again, the author did not take advantage of this. The supposed Jack the Ripper could have been a living human as far as I can tell. He did not use his abilities as ghost.

Rory is so boring as a MC. She is barely in the story; it is more like she is an outsider. Everything happens outside her world, and when she is finally inside the story, there are no thrilling moments, no action, nothing. The other characters are just as bland as her. The other people who can see ghosts, Stephen, Callum, Boo... We do not even get to know them, no chance to like them or dislike them. Umm, I take it back, I think I even dislike them because they use this weapon, 'terminus', to extinguish ghosts and they do not even know what this weapon makes to the ghosts. And according to them, "ghost are nice, they are just like people". HA! They could be sending the ghost to hell, and they do not even question this. I think the only one who was a tolerable one was Alistair, the ghost in the library.

It ends with an "obviously-there-going-to-be-a-sequel", which I am not interested to read.